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How to Write an 800 Word Essay: Examples, Topics and Structure

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Hey there! If you face a problem, this post covers everything you need to know about How to write an 800-word essay, including its length, page count, writing time, structure, paragraph count, editing, referencing, and topic ideas. It also provides helpful tips and examples to guide you through writing. So, if you want to write an 800-word essay, this post has got you covered!

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✍️ How to write an 800-word essay? 7 Steps

Writing an essay that is 800 words long may seem impossible, but if it is broken down into a series of smaller phases, it may become more doable. While writing an essay that is 800 words long, here are seven stages that you should follow:

Step 1: Decide on a subject

The selection of a subject for your essay is the first task at hand. This stage has already been completed if you have been provided with a prompt. If, on the other hand, you have the freedom to choose your subject, you should set aside some time to think about potential topics. Think about the things that already interest you or that you are knowledgeable about. When you have a list of prospective themes to choose from, limit it to one that you have an intense interest in and can easily write about for 800 words.

Step 2: Create an outline

While writing an essay, the first thing you should do is create an outline. This will assist you in organizing your ideas and ensuring that you cover all of the relevant areas in your presentation. Your primary argument or topic sentences should be the first thing you write down. After that, establish a list of the primary arguments that you want to use to defend your position. In the last step, incorporate any specifics or instances you want to present. An introduction, several body paragraphs, and a conclusion have to be included in your outline.

Step 3: Compose the opening statement

The first paragraph of your essay is called the introduction, and its purpose is to get the reader interested in what you have to say while also providing some background information on the topic. First, use a hook, like a quotation, a question, or a fact that will surprise the reader. After that, you will provide some background information on the subject and conclude with your thesis statement.

Step 4: Write the body paragraphs

In the body paragraphs, you should provide your thesis and the evidence that you will use to support it. Each paragraph should be organized around a single primary idea and include supporting evidence in examples or proof. Make sure that your thoughts are connected and that your essay flows smoothly by using transitional words. Whenever you use any information from other sources, it is imperative that you properly credit those sources.

Step 5: Compose the conclusion

Your essay’s conclusion is the final paragraph, and it has to do two things: repeat your thesis statement and summarize the most important elements in your paper. On the other hand, avoid just restating what you have previously said. Instead, supply the reader with concluding views on the subject, leaving them with something to think about.

Step 6: Editing and checking for errors

When you’ve finished writing your essay, the next step is to modify and proofread it. First, review the whole article and look for any typos or mistakes in grammar or spelling. The next step is to determine whether or not your argument makes sense and whether or not your evidence backs up your thesis statement. Lastly, check that your thoughts are properly ordered, and your essay has a smooth flow.

Step 7: Finalize

When your essay has been revised and reviewed, you should make any required changes and submit it for final approval. Check again to ensure that you have adhered to the principles and criteria for the formatting, and check to see that your essay is structured and referenced appropriately. The next step is to hand in your essay, at which point you can congratulate yourself on a job well done.

You may think that writing an essay of 800 words would be difficult, but if you follow these seven steps, you will be able to break it down into pieces that are more manageable and create an essay that is well-organized, well-supported, and well-written.

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🏗️ How to Structure an 800-Word Essay?

Although an essay of 800 words is shorter than many other forms of academic writing, it still has to be organized clearly and logically to convey the author’s intended message. The standard format for an essay includes an introduction, the main bedbound a conclusion. Detailed explanations of the various chapters follow.

Introduction 100-150 Words

The introduction is the first paragraph of your essay, and it should introduce the issue and provide some context for your analysis. The following items should be present:

HOOK: Grab the reader’s interest immediately with an attention-grabbing “hook” at the beginning of your work. Include something unexpected about your subject, something that will get people thinking, or anything that is a quotation that is relevant to your topic. The hook is the first line or two of your introduction, and its purpose is to entice the reader to keep reading. Choose something that is both interesting and pertinent to your subject. A hook may be made in a variety of ways, some of which are:

By posing a question that encourages introspection, Some of these questions are, “Have you ever thought about why some individuals appear to be more successful than others?”

To begin with, a quotation: The final measure of a man is not where he stands in times of comfort and ease, but where he stands in times of challenge and controversy, as Martin Luther King Jr. put it.

Background Information

Provide some context or background information on the topic. In doing so, you may provide the reader with a sense of the significance of the issue as well as the scope of the essay. When you’ve hooked the reader with your introduction, you should set the stage by giving them context for what they’re about to read. Something like these might be included in this category:

Here’s a quick look at the subject’s past: An often-cited example is, “The question of gun regulation has been a fiercely discussed topic in the United States for decades.”

Justification of the topic’s significance: The need for efficient weight reduction methods, for instance, “has never been more critical” than it is now, given the increasing prevalence of obesity in the United States.

Thirdly, a Proposed Thesis

Close the first paragraph with a strong thesis statement explaining your paper’s main point. Providing a clear and short explanation of the argument or issue you’ll be covering throughout your essay, the thesis statement is the most significant component of your introduction. You should use one or two phrases to express your perspective on the issue in your thesis statement. The death penalty should be abolished in the United States, as I shall argue in this article.

While social media may positively affect mental health, this article will argue that these advantages must be balanced against the risks.

This paper aims to discuss the merits and drawbacks of various approaches to losing weight.

Main Body 550 Words

The meat of your essay should consist of your strongest arguments and analyses. It has to be organized so that your thoughts may progress consistently and logically. A subject phrase that presents the paragraph’s primary concept should be included at the beginning of each paragraph.

After you have established the primary concept of the paragraph, you should subsequently present supporting evidence to back up your point. This proof might take various forms, such as statistics, quotations, case studies, or instances. Your evidence must be relevant, trustworthy, and from trusted sources. As soon as you’ve presented your evidence, you should examine it and explain how it proves your argument. Providing this kind of analysis should sway the reader in your favor and convince them that your argument holds water. Go for clarity and concision in your analysis, and make it apparent how each piece of data supports your larger claim.

The seamless progression of your essay depends on the use of transition phrases between paragraphs. These phrases should connect one paragraph to the next so your reader can easily follow your reasoning.

The following guidelines should be kept in mind when you compose the essay’s major bod

  • Bodyaintain your attention on your topic. Each paragraph ought to contribute to your main point and strengthen your argument.
  • Don’t be wordy; keep it simple. Don’t use jargon or phrases too complicated for your reader to understand.
  • Be sure the evidence you use is both relevant and reliable. Your argument will be more solid and convincing if you do this.
  • Use transition phrases to link paragraphs to ensure your reader understands your thesis.

Conclusion 100-150 words

In your essay’s last section, the conclusion, you should restate your primary arguments and include some closing remarks. Specifically, you should state:

  1. The first step is to restate your point in a slightly different manner.
  2. Secondly, restate the key points: Provide a quick rundown of the essay’s major arguments.
  3. Third, sum up your opinions on the subject. It may be a summary of what you’ve learned, a proposal for more study, or a call to action.
  4. Finally, make sure your essay ends with a powerful concluding phrase that the reader will remember long after they finish reading.

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🏆 Topics for an 800-Word Essay

Subjects discussed will include:

  1. The effects of social media on culture
  2. How important technology is in the classroom
  3. Issues with and solutions for online education
  4. The value of emotional acuity as a leadership trait
  5. Benefits and drawbacks of working from home
  6. Global climate change impacts
  7. The value of gender equality in the workplace
  8. Moral issues in modifying human genes
  9. Why it’s crucial to provide information on mental health
  10. Having an effect on the culture at large,
  11. video games rank as our tenth most influential medium
  12. The promise of renewable power for the future
  13. Mass monitoring and its repercussions
  14. How globalization alters traditional ways of life
  15. The role of the state in medical care
  16. Reasons Why You Should Learn About Finances
  17. How commercials affect shoppers.
  18. The value of many cultures to a cohesive community
  19. Immigration’s monetary impact
  20. Decision-making is a process that requires critical thinking
  21. Sports’ Importance to Culture
  22. The effects of robots on the job market
  23. Bullying’s Repercussions on Emotional Well-Being
  24. A reminder of the value of moral conduct in the workplace
  25. The value of art in modern culture
  26. The consequences of colonialism on native communities
  27. The Pros and Cons of Buying Online
  28. The influence of social media on people’s psychological well-being
  29. Value of Empathy in Personal Relationships
  30. Education’s part in alleviating poverty
  31. The Importance of Privacy in the Digital Age
  32. Influence of the Gig Economy on Employees
  33. How global warming threatens human health
  34. The media’s influence on public opinion formation
  35. The value of originality in problem-solving
  36. The role of language in cultural development
  37. Impact of Technology on Human Interaction
  38. Effects of cyberbullying on mental health
  39. The value of environmental sustainability
  40. Economy regulation and the government’s participation in it
  41. Society’s reliance on families
  42. The effects of AI on culture and society

🔥 800-Word Essay Examples

Topic: Climate change is a Myth Argumentative Essay

Word Count: 800 Words

Topic:  The Levels of Leadership

Word Count: 800 Words

A few instances are shown below.

First, “The Value of Education in Today’s World.

Education plays a crucial role in today’s society because it equips people with the foundational information and skills necessary to develop as individuals and contributing members of society. A person’s ability to comprehend their environment, make well-informed choices, and contribute to society’s growth is directly proportional to their level of education. Today, education catalyzes personal growth and societal change, not only as a route to a paycheck or promotion.

Article 2: “Technology’s Role in Modern Speech

How we share information and socialize has been revolutionized by technological advancements. With the rise of social media, messaging applications, and video conferencing capabilities, people can now have more productive and immediate conversations from the comfort of their own devices. However, this has led to people communicating less face-to-face and more independently than ever. Although technological advancements have unquestionably facilitated better lines of communication, they have also brought along certain unintended repercussions that we must be mindful of.

Thirdly, “Social Media’s Impact on Elections

To influence public opinion and galvanize political movements, social media has emerged as a potent instrument. To reach their constituents and spread their message, political parties and candidates utilize social media. Yet, false information and propaganda have also been widely disseminated through social media, threatening democratic institutions. As a result, it’s crucial to comprehend the function of social media in politics and implement safeguards to guarantee its appropriate use.

Fourth, “The Effects of Global Warming on Ecosystems

The effects of climate change are among the most pressing problems our world must solve. The effects of climate change include, but are not limited to, higher average temperatures, melting ice caps, and more severe weather. The loss of biodiversity, water shortages, and food poverty are only a few of the negative effects of these shifts on the ecosystem. We must stop global warming and save Earth for future generations.

Fifth, “Artificial Intelligence: Pros and Cons

Many sectors, including healthcare, banking, and manufacturing, are changing quickly due to artificial intelligence (AI). Artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to greatly improve many aspects of our daily lives, but it also presents serious dangers. Displacement from work, discrimination, and invasion of privacy are all possible outcomes. Because of this, we must develop AI ethically and responsibly while striking a balance between its potential advantages and potential threats.

Sixth, “The Value of Raising Awareness about Mental Health

Unfortunately, mental health issues are often disregarded or stigmatized while being on par with physical health’s importance. A person’s quality of life and ability to get things done may be severely impacted by problems with their mental health. As a result, it is crucial to educate the public on the importance of caring for one’s mental health and to make it easier for them to seek assistance when necessary. There needs to be a greater emphasis on lowering the taboo around mental health concerns and expanding access to treatment options.

📝 How to Edit an 800-Word essay?

To produce a well-written and polished 800-word essay, editing is necessary yet time-consuming. Instructions for revising a short paper of 800 words are as follows.

  • First, give yourself a break of a few hours to a day after you complete your essay. Doing so will allow you to see the essay with a clear head.
  • As you read your essay aloud, you might catch bad sentences, typos, and logical gaps. Furthermore, it might show you where you need to elaborate or explain your reasoning.
  • Make sure your essay is free of typos and grammatical mistakes by running it through a spell checker and then carefully reading it through again. Be sure to double-check for correct punctuation and uniform layout.
  • Fourth, go over your essay sentence by phrase and make sure that it is easy to follow and conveys the necessary information. Check to see that each phrase contributes to the overall idea of the essay and flows smoothly into the next.
  • Make sure your essay is well-organized and that your thoughts are presented clearly. Your essay has an introduction and bedbound conclusion, and each paragraph needs a subject phrase and evidence to back it up.
  • Remove any sentences or words that don’t contribute to the essay’s significance. Use simple, clear language that won’t leave the reader scratching their head.
  • Seek out the opinions of others, whether they are friends, family, or instructors. Have them go through your essay and give you some input on how to make it stronger or how to make the concepts more clear.
  • Make sure your essay is error-free and well-polished by giving it a last proofread after incorporating all suggestions and revisions.

If you follow these guidelines, you should be able to edit your 800-word essay and develop a finished piece that does justice to your writing abilities and thoughts.

💡 Tips for Writing an 800-Word Essay

Writing an essay of 800 words may seem impossible at first, but it can be accomplished with careful preparation and focused effort. Listed below are some suggestions for strengthening your 800-word essay:

  1. Decide on a subject that both fascinates you and is within your area of expertise. Because of this, putting pen to paper will be less of a chore and more of a pleasure.
  2. Second, plan your essay out in advance of sitting down to write. This will aid in giving your article a coherent framework and organizing your thoughts.
  3. The third element of an effective essay is a thesis statement that clearly and concisely states the major idea or argument of the paper.
  4. Fourth, use paragraphs to separate your thoughts and make your essay easier to read. There should be a subject sentence and evidence to back it up at the beginning of each paragraph.
  5. Make sure your essay flows well by using transitional words and phrases to link your arguments. Your case will be more clear to the reader that way.
  6. Make use of supporting evidence to strengthen your essay’s persuasiveness. This may take the form of numbers, illustrations, or the thoughts of specialists.
  7. Be sure to proofread and modify your essay when you’ve completed writing it. Ensure there are no typos or grammatical mistakes and that your thoughts flow well.
  8. Keeping your essay brief and to the point is especially important since you only have 800 words to deal with. Cut out filler phrases and words that don’t contribute anything to your argument.
  9. Restate your argument and summarize your important points in a powerful conclusion to round off your essay. Your reader will remember this for a long time.
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🔗 How Many References Are in an 800-Word Essay?

Provide a suitable number of citations in your 800-word essay based on the nature of your issue, the breadth of your analysis, and the depth of your study. You should cite enough sources to establish your expertise and support your point without overwhelming the reader with citations. An 800-word paper should include at least four to six citations as a basic guideline. This is, of course, only a suggestion; the number of sources you use may vary considerably, depending on factors such as the specifics of the task at hand and the depth of your investigation. What follows are some things to think about when determining how many citations to utilize in your essay:

  • First, if your essay is wider in scope, you may need to cite more sources to back up your claims. In contrast, you may get away with using fewer references if your essay focuses on a narrower subset of the issue.
  • To further prove your familiarity with the subject matter, you may need to cite additional sources if your essay topic calls for extensive investigation and analysis. The number of sources you need to cite decreases, however, if the scope of your essay is broad.
  • Third, the kind of references you employ may affect the total number of citations you provide. For instance, if you’re basing your work almost entirely on academic journals and books, you may want to cite additional works to prove your expertise. But, you may need fewer references if you utilize more broad sources, such as news stories or popular novels.
  • The number of sources you must cite depends on many factors, including the nature of the assignment and the instructor’s guidelines. Pay close attention to your teacher’s suggestions and study the instructions thoroughly.

=>> Provide sufficient references to back up your thesis without drowning out the rest of your article with footnotes. Aim to use sources that are reliable, applicable, and current, and be sure to correctly reference them by the citation style your teacher specifies. There is no hard and fast rule on how many citations you should include in an 800-word paper. But if you think about your subject, your research, and the criteria of the assignment, you can figure out how many sources you need to back up your claim and show that you’ve done your homework.

800-Word Essay Is How Many Paragraphs?

The normal format for an essay of this length consists of an introduction, a conclusion, and numerous body paragraphs, totaling about 800 words. Essays often consist of many paragraphs, with the number of paragraphs and the length of each paragraph varying based on the subject and the method used by the writer.

The introduction has to set the stage for what follows and should be between 100 and 150 words long. As the last sentence of the introduction, the thesis statement should summarize the paper’s major argument or point. To help the reader grasp the point of the essay, the thesis statement should be clear and concise.

There should be multiple paragraphs in the essay’s main bodBodyach with a subject sentence that explains its purpose. Paragraphs should range from 150-200 words in length, but ideally, sit closer to the former. Each paragraph should elaborate on one specific topic and give evidence in support of the thesis statement.

Evidence might come in numbers, facts, instances, and even quotations from authorities in the field. In order to prove that the evidence is reliable, it must be presented clearly and concisely, and its significance must be explained. Using transition sentences after each paragraph, the reader can easily follow the argument and grasp how each section ties to the whole.

The conclusion of your essay should be between 100 and 150 words long and serve to summarize the key arguments you made. The conclusion should include a restatement of the thesis statement and a concluding viewpoint or opinion on the subject. The concluding phrase of a piece of writing should be powerful and linger in the reader’s mind.

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How Long Is an 800-Word Essay?

A standard academic writing assignment regarded as on the shorter side is an essay that is 800 words long. It is possible to write it in several genres, such as argumentative, informational, analytical, or persuasive essays.

It is important to keep in mind when writing an essay that has a word count of 800 that this length may change variables known on the font size, distance, and page layout demonstrated highly by your trainer or publisher. Keeping this in mind is important when writing an essay that has a word count of 800. On the other hand, if you use the typical style of having double spaces between paragraphs, a font size of 12 points, and margins of one inch, it should take roughly between three and four pages to complete.

In spite of its shortness, an essay that is 800 words may nonetheless include a large quantity of material and communicate its point to the reader in a clear and convincing manner. It is essential to keep one’s attention on the issue at hand and to make certain that each paragraph has a point that is direct and to the point about the thesis statement.

An essay that is 800 words long should have a fascinating start that grabs the reader’s interest and keeps them intrigued by the remainder of the essay. In addition to being clear and explicit, the thesis should concisely explain the essay’s most important point or aim. Throughout the bodBody the paper, you should include facts and arguments that back up your thesis statement. In most cases, it is suggested to include at least three to four paragraphs in the main bodBody the paper, each with a distinct subject phrase and evidence to back it up.

In the conclusion of an essay that is 800 words long, you should repeat the thesis statement and summarize the most important issues discussed in the essay’s bodBody a manner that gives the reader a sense of completion. While writing an essay that is 800 words long, it is essential to remember the importance of using transitional words or phrases to link different concepts and ensure that the text flows smoothly. Also, it is crucial to avoid employing filler words or repeating content, which might give the impression that the essay is too lengthy or laborious.

To summarize, an essay of 800 words is a condensed piece of writing capable of conveying a large quantity of information. It is crucial to maintain the emphasis on the issue throughout the essay and to organize it in a clear and concise way. Adhering to these rules can create an engaging essay of 800 words that successfully communicates your point to the reader.

How Many Pages Is 800 Word Double Spaced?

A three- to four-page essay on a given subject that contains 800 words should appear like this if you adhere to the conventions of academic writing and use a font size of 12 points and one margin. When you double-space your essay, there is one blank line between every two lines of text. This will make your essay easier to read and provide you more room to make changes to it in the future.

The exact number of pages that make up an essay with 800 words and double spacing may shift considerably from one paper to the next. For example, the word count will shift if the margins are made more significant, if they are less than 1 inch, or if different font sizes and styles are used.

The length of the essay is not nearly as important as the content and organization that it contains. An essay with just 800 words that are written well has the potential to have an effect in only a few pages, but an essay that is much longer but written poorly would fail to persuade anybody of anything. As a result, it is much more important to pay attention to the overall quality of your writing than it is to tally the number of words you have written.

How Long Does It Take to Write 800 Words?

The amount of time it takes to write an essay of 800 words may vary greatly depending on several variables, such as the writer’s degree of expertise, familiarity with the subject, the amount of time spent researching the issue, and the writing pace of the writer. In most cases, it might take 2 to 6 hours to finish writing an essay that is 800 words long.

The amount of time spent doing research is one of the most important aspects that might affect how long it takes to compose an essay that is 800 words long. If the subject is completely unexplored territory, the author may be required to invest significant time in investigation and collecting material from reliable sources. The amount of time spent doing research might vary from an hour to several hours, depending on the intricacy of the subject matter.

When the writer has finished researching, they can start the writing process. In most cases, writing the beginning and end of an essay may be accomplished in a reasonable amount of time; however, the bodBody the essay may take up the majority of your available time. Before beginning to write the essay, it is vital to outline the structure, which includes deciding on the major ideas to include and structuring them into paragraphs that are logically connected.

The amount of time needed to write each paragraph may also vary according to the level of difficulty of the topics that are being discussed. Certain paragraphs can call for more in-depth study and analytical thought than others, while others might be simpler and need less writing time. The author’s writing pace is yet another significant element that might affect the amount of time necessary to complete an essay of 800 words. Some writers can write fast and effectively, while others may require additional time to organize their ideas and express them in a way that is understandable via writing.

The proofreading and editing processes may consume a significant amount of time. After finishing the essay, it is essential to go away from it for a while and read it with new eyes when you return. This may help determine if there are any mistakes or areas that need to be improved.

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❓ Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When written in conventional fonts like Times New Roman or Arial, an 800-word essay will take up around three pages when single-spaced. The length of the essay may differ from the stated length based on the font, line spacing, and other formatting considerations. Depending on the font size and margins, a three-page essay might require as little as two pages of single spacing. To make sure your essay is the right length, you should adhere to the formatting instructions supplied by your teacher or the criteria of the project.

A standard 800-word essay may include five to seven paragraphs, depending on its organization and topic. A standard 800-word essay, however, has the same basic form of an introduction, three body paragraphs, and a conclusion. Each paragraph in the bodBodyuld average around 200 words in length.

Your essay's introduction should provide context and articulate your thesis explicitly; your body paragraphs should each address a specific point in your argument. In the last paragraph, you should repeat your thesis in a different approach and summarize the paper's important ideas.

It's worth noting that the number of paragraphs might change depending on factors like the length of the assignment and the author's personal choice. Depending on the essay prompt and the quantity of supporting evidence required, the number of body paragraphs may vary. The ultimate objective is to provide a coherent, well-supported essay that successfully conveys the writer's thoughts.

Although 800 words may not seem like much, they may be enough to offer an argument, explore a subject in detail, and communicate much information.

Although an 800-word essay may seem modest compared to other types of academic writing, it nonetheless may need much study and analysis. An 800-word essay might be a big piece of writing in other settings, like a blog post, requiring much organization, research, and careful drafting.

In certain cases, an essay of 800 words is regarded as brief. It's lengthier than the ordinary application essay for college (about 500 words) but less than the traditional five-paragraph essay (approximately 1500 words).

How long your essay has to depends on several elements, such as the subject, the audience, and the assignment requirements. A short essay may be defined as 500 words, whereas a large essay might be defined as 800 words.

How well the essay conveys the writer's thoughts and arguments is more significant than the essay's length. If the essay fits these requirements, it may be of any length yet well-written and interesting.

An 800-word essay may be written in two hours, give or take, depending on the writer's pace, familiarity with the subject, and capacity to focus.

Although writing an essay in a limited amount of time might be difficult and time-consuming, there are ways to make the process more manageable. First, it's important to have a firm grasp of the material and a well-developed thesis statement to use as your paper's compass. Second, outline to assist you in structuring your thoughts and keeping things moving orderly. Finally, don't worry about editing until you've finished the first draught. In the end, you should proofread and edit your essay for mistakes in syntax, spelling, and grammar.

An excellent essay takes time and effort to write. Take a little break if you feel overwhelmed or trapped, and then return to work with a fresh perspective. You can learn to write an 800-word essay quickly and effectively with practice and dedication.


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