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How to Write a Profile Essay – Examples, Topics, Outline

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Hey there! If you face a problem, this post covers everything you need to know about How to Write A Profile Essay about a certain topic.

What is a Profile Essay?

Inside the framework of a writing course, a profile essay may refer to a characterization of a person, location, profession, or another object. In some kinds of writing classes, the word specifically refers to reporting on a single individual.

As we have discussed a profile essay is indeed a work of literature that concentrates on the characterization of a character individual, events, or location, with the primary objective of someone being informative, this style of the essay must operate as a piece of journalism, being factual and detailed, but still preserving literary characteristics, such as conveying your point of view on the topic and offering an engaging, interactive environment for the reader.

Moreover, creating a profile essay is demanding work since it must build a personality, surroundings, and what drives the move, and the writer’s perspective on all of this is only just a few pages. However, this labor can be rewarding and, for many, a welcoming opportunity to exercise their literary muscles.

Table of Contents

What is Racial Profiling Essay?

To understand the racial profiling essay, one must have the basic knowledge and understanding of what racial profiling means, Racial Profiling speaks to the discriminating practice of officers in law enforcement of identifying persons for the criminal suspect because of their race, region, creed, or nationality. Crime analysis, as applied by authorities, is the emphasis on a set of traits that police believe are related to criminality. Racial profiling includes using race to select which motorists should be stopped for slight traffic offenses, these are known as operating while black or brown, or using race to decide which individuals to check for illicit goods. A further form of racial profiling is the continuous target of Arabs, Muslims, and South Asians for incarceration on trivial immigration offenses in the lack of any relation to the 11 September attacks that targeted the World Trade Center or even the Pentagon. An individual functioning in a police role for either public or personal interests is considered a criminal justice agent. This encompasses departmental shop security personnel, airport border guards, officers, and, more lately, fighter pilots who have already forced customers to exit from aircraft since the customers’ nationality piqued the pilots’ interest. Every one of these professions has been charged with racial profiling.

Racial profiling somehow does not relate to an agency of law enforcement chasing a person whose particular characterization contains race or ethnic background in connection with these other distinguishing elements. It might be difficult to define systemic racism as depending purely on color, nationality, ethnic origin, or faith. This interpretation, which is included in several state racial profiling statutes, is objectionable since it excludes situations in which police operate based on one’s race, nationality, national or ethnic origin, or faith in conjunction with possible violations of all statutes. According to the primary and already set standards, an officer deliberately selecting Latino motorists who were racing still would not constitute systemic racism because the motorists were detained primarily because they were driving, not because of their ethnicity. These are the most important points that should be included in the basic racial profiling essay, which is based on someone’s color, caste, etc.

💡 The Main Goals Of Profile Essay

If we talk about the main goal, it can be said that the fundamental goal of a great profile essay is to provide the audience with a comprehensive account of a subject. It is presented in such a manner that readers will find it intriguing and engaging. It attracts readers, the essay should deal with a novel and distinctive topic. So to keep the essay engaging, one must also consider the audience’s basic knowledge. It needs to be capable of enhancing the readers’ existing information.

Moreover, the profile’s goal is to provide the reader with fresh information on a certain individual, location, or incident. The difference here between a profile and, a memoir or a biography is that the former profile is based on freshly collected data. It is the writer’s personal experience of something. When writing a profile essay, Writer serves these purposes and goals, which include influence, enlightening, and amusement. The author uses persuasive writing to convince the audience to take action or think from a viewpoint.

✍️ How Do You Prepare to Write a Profile Essay?

To prepare a good essay, there are predefined steps that need to be filled out before writing a good essay. There is a huge list that needs to be followed but some of them play the most important role to prepare it. The most importantly required steps are as follows:

Steps to Prepare

1. The very first and most important step to prepare a profile essay is analyzing previous profile essays. It is the initial step in producing an effective profile essay. Start picking up a few issues of a publication that regularly carries stories The New Yorker, Esquire, and so on) and browse through them. Even if the articles you are studying are going to revolve around superstars, try to figure out what else keeps these pieces intriguing. Make list and mention how the author’s subject is set immediately.

2. Secondly, decide on a topic for your writing. It will be more straightforward to write if the particular topic (whether it is an individual) instantaneously appears to have had impressive thoughts and feelings (famous person, former soldier, gambling robber), and though essays in which the particular topic is not quickly fascinating can be very captivating to read, and also the exact reverse is also true, it is all about the writer’s hands. Whether one is composing for a student project, try to select something realistic – no politicians or stars, unless you know them personally.

3.  If there is no exception, one must conduct some interviews with the topic (individual) of the paper. One must have prepared questions before the event. Strive for broad and wide inquiries that begin with the one who, when, when, what, or even why. Yes or no inquiries should be reduced to a bare minimum because there is constantly the danger that the topic may be silent and that you will eventually burn through your inquiries with them only nodding or shaking their heads instead of delivering thorough replies. Collect as much data as feasible on this individual – do the research now, so that you will have a plethora of information to utilize in the essay.

4.  Here is where you will spend most of your time. Whenever composing your dissertation, take into account that the entire piece should indeed be structured by your opinion on the events. Strive to be fair, but remember that you are being biased because writing cannot physically take the readers into the actions, and because you are presenting an abbreviated account of whichever transpired. In reality, a clear vantage point on the individual and the incidents that took place will result in a stronger paper, and determining a “dominant perception” is critical in profile essays. You must create an assertion and give reasons to support it as you did in the term that has been applied.  Creating a transcription of your conversation and delivering it like an essay is a mistake you should prevent. This is frequently pupils’ initial instinct, but strive to develop a storyline of the events, the essay should include a clear framework of a start, body, and finish wherein the topic begins in one location, and travels (figuratively) to another. Others may want to structure the essay thematically, moving through one topic into the next, this is the strategy most commonly utilized in periodical profile essays. Most people will opt for a hybrid strategy. The goal of this essay is to captivate the reader and give them the impression that they are present. To do this, employ a lot of minor things that we would have observed if we had been there. It is a good idea to focus on one of the five human senses at a moment: hearing, vision, contact, scent, and tasting.

=>> The above-mentioned steps are necessary for the one looking to prepare a profile essay. Perhaps, these little suggestions and steps will be beneficial in your writing essays. Although these steps are little they play an important impact on your essay. Furthermore, when all else fails, keep in mind that the reader’s point of view is critical. So, once you have finished writing everything, take a moment to pause and attempt to review it with new eyes. Would you believe you have a good knowledge of the subject? If not, think about modifying it.

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✏️ How to Write a Profile Essay

As we have already discussed there are some steps and points to preparing, there are also some points to keep in mind while writing an essay.

As we have known that every person is different, and each one has his/her level of understanding but still, even though all sorts of people find it challenging to spend time reading should not be too lengthy. Also, creating a decent essay requires a fascinating subject. So, the first point one should accomplish is to create a topic appealing to anyone and everyone. If the topic is boring, it will not just bore the readers but will demonstrate that writer is incapable of discovering whatever exciting to write about.

A profile essay can assist shape a person’s personality or event. This type of essay usually highlights a certain individual who has accomplished excellent performance and made a significant influence on someone else’s life or even on individuals as a whole. As a result, it contains guidance on his profession and accomplishments. It is often produced on empirical research and is based on true personality or events.

Sometimes individuals struggle to create a profile essay since they do never know wherever or how to obtain the relevant materials. As a result, when you start writing a paper, ensure you have done some homework on your issue. Whenever writing on your project, allow yourself to share your thoughts on the topic of the essay and produce an engaging arrangement that will be highly valuable to all people. Ultimately, while creating a profile essay, strive to stay centered on the subject and leverage your passion for this task to produce strong educational writing.

Moreover, as the name implies, seeks to characterize the individual, thing, or event under consideration. As a result, we may state that its objective is to:

  • Demonstrate your understanding and research of the topic.
  • Provide the audience with a thorough knowledge of the topic.
  • Give your knowledge about how to write an excellent personal essay.

Furthermore, as a student project, a profile essay is utilized to test organizational, researching, and presenting skills. It is among the most perplexing forms of essay tasks given to students. As a result, you will want a suitable guideline to understand how to create a profile essay.


As we know that the major goal is to offer an unbiased description of a person, entity, or something else in a style that audiences will find fascinating and instructive. The profile essay can indeed be accurate, offering facts through personal study and observation or creativity, providing material from the author’s creativity. In writing a profile essay, convey the topic in both unbiased and subjective ways. Verifiable data offers data without even any perspective, whereas qualitative data provides facts with just some explanation. The essay should be in a well-structured format, having the proper starting and ending paragraphs in it. The following criteria:

  • Concentrating on a particular person, group, or location.
  • Along with a comprehensive overview and reasoning.
  • Providing information on the value, significance, or importance of the topic
  • Using a variety of study techniques (interviews, surveys, observation, etc.)
  • Displaying facts from behind the curtains that others might not be informed of.

The Outline

Before writing, one thing is to prepare a must plan and prepare it.  One must outline what he/ she is going to write and plan the structure of it. While creating the outline of a profile essay, there are several things to take into account. First, select a topic that interests you and about which you are knowledgeable. It is also critical to ensure that now the topic is just someone or an event that can be accurately explained in a brief essay. Following that, you must undertake studies on your topic. Discussions, observations, and questionnaires can all be used to accomplish this. After you have gathered your data, you will need to organize it such that it makes complete sense and is simple for your audience to understand.

Let us take a closer look at how to outline a profile essay. Perhaps this would have been useful while creating a personal or professional essay. An essay is broken into as follows:

A first section or introduction

 This should include a summary of the topic, the subject of something like the essay, and the thesis statement. The introduction must commence with a descriptive statement about the topic or the event. The phrases that follow might then be used to summarize the information in the body of the text.

The Main Body

The size of the essay is determined by the body paragraphs. At least 3 body paragraphs are required for a brief profile essay. Instances should be included in the body paragraphs. If you utilize outside sources, make sure to reference them. Only by doing so will you be able to avoid copyright infringement in your higher education essays.

Conclusion/Final Paragraph

The conclusion could perhaps reaffirm the thesis, summarize each of the body of the essay, and introduce the essay to a close.

Rules remain rules, and these are simply a few things to keep in mind as you learn how to compose a profile essay.

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The introduction paragraph should comprise a summary of the topic, the topic of something like the essay, as well as the thesis statement. The introduction must begin with something like a descriptive statement about the event or subject. The phrases that follow might then be used to summarize the information in the body of the text. An effective profile essay should begin by giving the audience an impression of the individual you are talking about. You must include basic background knowledge on your topic, in addition to any actual evidence that may aid in its introduction. You may also begin with such a hook, which is a great method for keeping focus remains in the essay.

Body Paragraphs

The Paragraphs in the body include the main points that will comprise the substance of the profile essay, and pick the most fascinating and important details about the issue. These need to be organized logically, for instance, if you’re talking about somebody’s life, you may begin from the start of their life till now, also you can add their future goals. If you are discussing something like a place, you may begin by including its background and then proceed to its current aspects. The size of the essay is determined by the body paragraphs. At least, there should be three main paragraphs for a brief profile essay. Cases ought to be included in the body paragraphs. If you utilize outside resources, make certain to cite them.


To conclude an essay, create an ending that connects every one of the essay’s aspects and provides the audience with a solid image of your topic. You may wish to restate and rewrite any of the important themes from the body of the text, or you may want to quickly summarize the individual’s current situation. You might also wish to provide a call for action, for instance, when you are talking about something like a topic that is important to them, you may want to inspire the audience to become engaged.

The body paragraph’s overview of important points Conclusion/final paragraph. The conclusion may repeat the thesis, summarize all of the body paragraphs, then put the essay to a close.

🏆 Profile Essay Topic

If we talk about the topic, it can be said that the Profile essay themes are among the most interesting tasks that individuals typically receive. Creating profiles is an interesting experience since it allows one to go deeply into anything, however, several factors must be considered before you may even consider an accomplishment. A profile essay is a style of informational composition in which you present your audience with a detailed account of somebody or something, such as a personality, a figure, an incident, or perhaps a location.

These essays should have two main characteristics, they should be full of interesting facts and they should easily flow. One should compose in a certain manner for whichever profile ideas you pick. It must be detailed, objective, and entertaining, capturing the viewer’s interest and keeping it till the conclusion. But before that, you must comprehend how you will be characterized, and here’s where you may want assistance. It is not like all subjects will be intriguing, and not everyone will motivate you to begin writing. We have compiled a collection of example essay themes that learners can utilize for every topic.

Finding Good Profile Essay Topics

How do you choose a subject for profiling? Several possibilities, yet sometimes it appears like almost nothing of them is viable. Do not however worry unless anything occurs to you right away, start with broad suggestions until honing them back to something even more particular.

  • Examine examples of profile essays. Examine comparable articles written internet before settling on a topic. Examine example after example while observing what other individuals opted to investigate and allowing it to inspire their thoughts. This will provide you with ideas in addition to an idea of the types of profile writings you’d like to concentrate on.
  • Consider the following topics. Consider what you enjoy. Do you have any themes that truly inspire you? Perhaps you have a friend or member of your family you wish to describe. Then maybe a fictional character occupies your mind, and a profile essay allows you to fully understand them. If it is a fascinating part of history or a destination you have always desired to visit, these will make for an engaging paper, so think about your environment and settle on the finest profile suggestions.
  • Study extensively for an essay. Whenever you believe you have picked a decent topic, begin to gather data about it. If this is a location, go there or look at images of it. The greater the level of realism, the greater. If this is an individual, speak with her, request them some fascinating inquiries, and take extra observations on their character. If you find things intriguing, you are more likely to express this to your audience and make them share your feelings. All of these stages will be quite beneficial when you begin composing an essay.
  • Select an Excellent Topic to Astound The Audience. There are numerous good profile essay themes. As little more than a profiler, you will have the chance to acquire new skills and share your knowledge with others. The effectiveness is heavily reliant on the topic you choose, so take a close look at it. Select something that interests you rather than anything at random.

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🔥 Profile Essay Examples

Topic: Neil Armstrong

Introduction Example

Neil Armstrong the legendary American scientist, is the most significant personality to already have lived throughout the 20th century. This name has become synonymous with mankind’s proudest accomplishment, stepping on the surface of a heavenly sphere apart from Earth. Armstrong, along with Buzz Aldrin, was one of the very first men to set foot on the Moon. The space race was such a significant accomplishment that it constituted a watershed moment in the history of mankind, ushering humanity into a new era known as the scientific revolution. To see why his actions are so crucial, we must go back in time and connect them to historic events. Even during Economic Crisis, the 1930s were incredibly challenging for most individuals. For some of those who survived the banking crisis, it was a life-changing experience. To alleviate the agony of his countrymen and women, Franklin D. Roosevelt implemented a broad range of social welfare initiatives that he hoped could help them live more comfortably.

Body Paragraphs Example

Throughout this period, numerous children were up in impoverished houses and got used to residing in harsh circumstances again after the Second World War ended and the nation had improved financially. Roosevelt was able to raise Americans’ level of life and assure their entitlement to free schooling by putting more monies into the educational system. The passage of the GI Bill during WWII enabled numerous young men who would have been condemned for destitution to pursue education as well as pursue a degree.

Other relevant elements influenced Neil Armstrong’s professional path, particularly his lineage and major dates in society throughout his early years. His father was working at a plant that made rail cars and died when Neil was just two and a half years old.  Neil remembers very little of him other than that he believed his dad had served as a wonderful role model. Armstrong had a strong feeling of responsibility as a student and was very focused on his schoolwork. He was involved in a variety of leisure activities and achieved great marks, which enabled them to attend Purdue University after completing high school. Neil Armstrong entered the United States Navy as an aviator after completing a degree in aeronautical engineering. The Korean War interrupted Armstrong’s responsibilities shortly after, and he witnessed combat as a military pilot throughout that battle. Neil Armstrong applied for NASA’s astronaut program after having served in the military for over five years and was accepted as part of the project’s second batch. Neil swiftly advanced throughout training thanks to his engineering talents and scientific experience, and he flew into space for the inaugural time on a Gemini flight.

Armstrong traveled to orbit eight times as a member of the Apollo program, his debut spaceflight, Gemini 8, was a three-day mission that culminated with the rendezvous of two spacecraft. Neil Armstrong became an immediate celebrity when the entire trip was televised on television.

Conclusion Example

Despite his death in 2012, Neil Armstrong has done much to enhance our lives on Earth, for instance, countless individuals from all around the globe got with each other to construct the “Armstrong Air & Space Museum” in Wapakoneta, Ohio. It is worth noting that Neil Armstrong’s upbringing was quite difficult, yet this did not deter them from achieving tremendous success in life, it demonstrates that there are no limits when you possess a strong free will to give it your all.

How to write a profile essay example on a person

To write about a person, we can take the above example and firstly write about his childhood, after that the three body paragraph that includes his life and his achievements and after that the impact of it, and at the end the closing statement.

How to write a profile essay example on a place

Place profiles provide the most straightforward approach to communicating to people the reasons a location is important. A location profile is a document that provides the following information:

  • Provides basic information about a location;
  • Provides a discourse (in the form of a story) explaining why the location is significant.

A location profile does not have to be long or expensive to create. However, visitors must document it. Investing time in its planning will pay dividends subsequently, because you will be prepared to deliver the case as changes occur, such as:

  • Media inquiries on the location, Claim to establish a website or other online guide.
  • Suggestions for popularity among people of locations.
  • Booklets, pamphlets, flyers, and other marketing materials are printed.
  • Send it as a magazine, newspaper, or “mail to the publisher.”

Furthermore, jotting down what you know may help you to identify social contacts between previously unnoticed occurrences, grasp where gaps in the material necessitate additional investigation, and evaluate and examine alternative stories.

Creating a Place Profile: Criteria

A solid place profile combines the precise characteristics that distinguish your location unique with the multitude of distinct themes that connect it to a certain location and period. Unless you are experiencing difficulties starting in life, consider your space from the perspective of a guest. Describe the most important facts about any of these locations that everyone should be aware of. Also, consider the ways you could enhance the regular subscription and what surprises you may provide. There are several details to keep in mind when you construct and polish the location profile:

  • Be precise and explicit, particularly when presenting completely unsubstantiated data. The location profile serves as the foundation for all future sessions. The mistakes committed here seem to be most likely to happen again. If you are unable to verify the authenticity of someone’s remark or recollection but still wish to incorporate it, ascribe the remark to the speaker, portraying it as a recollection instead of fact.
  • Relate the geographical site to tales and concepts that are both widely intriguing and specifically relevant to the target. Express your enthusiasm for your location by explaining how it fits into the wider themes you’ve discovered.
  • Take an interest in the concerns. It is natural to sidestep contentious subjects by focusing on unarguable statistics about a location and avoiding the tremendous feeling or political intensity that may lurk beneath the scene. Consider it twice. Contemplate immediately confronting the disagreement, maybe by offering several different perspectives.
  • Incorporate recent and historical photos in the story to help readers visualize what they have been trying to read.

=>> Whenever you write, keep note of the sources. Usually, individuals remember the references they used when composing, but you have to be able to easily evaluate your work as you argue about your position. As a result, be quite certain to “footnote” as users write, recognizing the references for all the knowledge you used by mentioning the titles and accompanying documents of publications or articles, in addition to the section number(s) where the cited study revealed, as well as the identifiers of interview participants and the dating site of the question and answer session that manufactured the referenced relevant data.

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📝 How to Edit a Profile Essay?

Well before the writing task is complete, it is frequently edited. While editing your work might be valuable, it is typically good to have another individual edit your writing. Peer editing enables peers to discover errors and make suggestions for changes to documents or essays.

Get ready to edit: Consider what you would like to look for this while edit and how you intend to express your edits and ideas to the editor when you begin. Make a list of issues to examine, such as spelling, substance, and readability difficulties. You should also think about the attitude you want to adopt when revising. For instance, while providing comments, you could choose to be both nice and critical.

Go over the rest of the article: Read over the full piece of content without making any changes. This ensures that you are conversant with the text before implementing adjustments or offering ideas. Assess the substance, and the arrangement of the work, as well as the opening and conclusion of something like the essay.

Proofread and correct minor mistakes: When you have already finished reading the profile essay, you may start proofreading for mistakes. Proofreading is the process of finding minor flaws such as faulty grammar, style difficulties, and grammatical mistakes. When correcting a paper version, one can underline or underline errors in the article, or add comments on the edges.

Check for content problems: Following proofreading, one can edit regarding larger, more significant errors in the paper’s content. When editing material, you may want to consider these things:

  • Doing the author’s statements back up their essay?
  • Was each paragraph related to the topic of the paper?
  • Are indeed the sources and references correct?
  • Is the conclusion transparent and convincing?
  • Seems to be the writing logical?

Spend some time reading the document for material mistakes numerous times to verify you have made beneficial adjustments. By doing these so, one can proofread and edit easily. These steps will also help the one to make their essay up to the requirement.

🔑 Key Points

Select an intriguing topic: The subject must be an individual about whom you are fascinated and want to understand more.

Maintain a consistent structure: The introductory, body paragraphs, and conclusion each need to serve a function and contribute to the discussion of the issue.

Emphasize your function as a writer right away: You must either compose using the first person to emphasize your active intervention or in the third party to retain a somewhat more impartial view across the essay.

Incorporate references and proof into your story: Actual statements from your theme or based on the secondary data will assist you in bolstering your thesis and making your research more compelling.

Carry out research: To complete a very well essay, you will be required to research the subject. Interviewing, experience and credible information are all examples of this.

Outline: Just like with any other form of paper, you will be required to make an overview of the views before you begin to write. This one will assist you in organizing your thoughts and ensuring ensure your essay goes smoothly.

Employ detailed and sensual terminology: A personal essay must be presented with a lot of depth and sensual language. This one will help your audience in visualizing your subject.

Demonstrate whether the subject is significant or fascinating: In addition to sharing facts on your topic, you must describe why it is essential or intriguing.

Have quite an objective look or emphasis: The profile essay needs to have a different way of looking or focus because then it is not merely a generic review of the topics. Understanding what the majority of people believe regarding your subject will assist you to choose a suitable viewpoint.

Credit the resources: Be careful to cite any conversations, comments, or secondary information that you utilize in the essay, adhering to the assignment’s specific style rules.

Revise and read: Similar to any other type of writing, make corrections and edit the essay before submitting it. This will assist to guarantee that the essay is free of faults and very well.

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❓ Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The profile essay includes 5 paragraphs, which include the introduction and conclusion paragraphs in it. These paragraphs include the details of the person/place.

A profile essay's fundamental goal is to contain a lot of details and specifics while avoiding broad generalizations. This can, for instance, describe a setting, personal characteristics, or event information. To create your essay as dynamic as practicable, incorporate quotations, conversations, and experiences. Another distinguishing characteristics of character essays are the fact that they are both factual and emotional. This implies that you present facts about the subject while allowing the reader to form his or her personal opinion about a location, person, or occurrence.

Usually five paragraphs including the three body main paragraphs. Also, introduction and conclusion paragraphs are required for a brief profile essay.

The opening acts as a glimpse of the essay, giving the audience an indication of what they should expect in the subsequent sentences. The phrases that include in the introduction will serve as the beginning points for the body paragraphs. The phrases regarding the individual being interviewed must be relevant and detailed. This indicates that the introductory paragraph is a provocative remark that would pique the audience's curiosity. As a result, the arguments you mention in the opening should serve as the essay body. We really should stick to the sequence of the important topics in the introduction.

To begin to write a profile, here's what to do:

  • Perform research into the subject.
  • Concentrate on the answer.
  • Maintain your concentration on your issue.
  • Keep a database of all conversations.
  • Make a characteristics template.
  • Utilize inverted commas.
  • Begin writing.
  • Double-check your information and review.

It includes all the important points regarding the subject of the profile essay i.e. person or place.

A short profile or brief bio is typically the very first and maybe only thing a prospective employer, customer, or connection will see before choosing whether or not to approach you, it is critical to make it factual, helpful, and interesting. It is advisable to have included:

  • The name
  • Your current position title
  • Your organization's name or personal style message
  • Your birthplace
  • Your university
  • Your individual and professional objectives
  • An important accomplishment or success
  • Your interests
  • Your qualifications and specific areas of expertise

Because short biographies are by nature brief, it is critical to determine which of these aspects is most relevant to create the best impact on the audience.

It must include all the important details along with well-known knowledgeable quotes.

Profile title is the formal name followed by a desired career aim and the number of years of expertise in the relevant industry. For example, the job title "Customer Service Representative" requires managerial experience.