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How to Write the National Honor Society Essay + Examples

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❓ What is the National Honor Society?

An organization that helps secondary school students in the U.S. and other countries. In the United States, there were over 1,000 different NHS groups by 1930. The National Honor Society (NHS) gives awards to high school students who have done great things. Entrance into the National Honors Society is a big deal for high-achieving high school kids.

About 1 million secondary school students are now part of the National Honor Society (NHS). In 1921, the NHS was set up by the National Academy of Secondary School Principals (NASHP). The first member of the National Honor Society was started at the Fifth Avenue Secondary School in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It was started by the school’s principal, Edward S. Rynearson.

To join the National Honor Society, you must have done something good for your community, school, or another group. The time you spend doing these things goes toward the number of community service hours you have to do each month.

 The National Junior Honor Society (NJHS) honors middle school students who perform similar actions. Students at both the National Honor Society and the National Junior Honor Society strive to excel in academics, leadership, service, and character. Members of the group embrace a set of ethics and employ their experience as local leaders to improve the world.

Table of Contents

National Honor Society Four Pillars

Students who want to join the National Honor Society (NHS) should have good grades and show excellence in study, leadership, character, and service. They should also have been nominated by their teachers. Juniors in high school can apply to join the National Honor Society provided their GPA is good enough and they complete the other standards set forth by the organization.

Students have a better chance of getting into the NHS if they spend the time to learn about its core values. To join, students must do well in these four areas. Let’s have a detailed look at each of the following pillars.


To get a grant, you don’t have to be the smartest or most skilled person. Academic interest is what makes people want to learn new things and be honest enough to try hard to figure out things that are challenging to understand.

For consideration, you must have a cumulative GPA of at least 85. Students need to know what the scholarship requirements are at their schools because the minimum GPA changes from school to school. After being chosen, the student can’t get a grade that is lower than average. After a student has met this requirement, he or she can be judged by the other three factors.


Members of the NHS want to be able to lead other students. It is the ability to move people to do great things. A leader is a person who is sure of what they believe, even if other people don’t. They want to help make the world a better place. Everyone looks to a leader for guidance, assurance, and a smile. A leader is a person who works hard every day for the sake of others instead of for themselves.

The other four pillars of the National Honor Society that make up a leader are service, integrity, knowledge, and citizenship. A leader is someone who genuinely believes that there are no limits to what they can do.


It means having qualities like honesty, courage, and ethics. Being fair in everything you do, even if it leads to disappointment or a bad result, is a requirement of being honest. Being courageous means being sincere, resolute, and confident even in the face of opposition. Integrity is having the courage to stick to your morals despite group pressure and competing goals. The character must be taught by example rather than being something that can be taught.

A student’s disciplinary record should be spotless, and teachers should hold them in high regard. The kids are to be rated by their teachers and references from between one and four, with four being the best possible rating. A student with perfect integrity builds their actions on rules that everyone agrees are right.


Applicants to a national honor society must also have a record of community service. Volunteering in the classroom or around town is expected of all students. Eligible students will have served their communities through volunteer efforts during their high school years. For induction, students must keep records of such activities. Members of the National Honor Society are expected to maintain their service ethic by participating in extracurricular activities and school events as volunteers.

A few examples are helping out with political campaigns or mentoring younger students. In the NHS, there is no prescribed amount of volunteer hours that students must complete. However, each school may have its requirements. The things a student does help show this quality. Some students, for example, help out at food pantries or read to older people as a way to give back.

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💡 Purpose of National Honor Society

National Honor Society members are chosen because of their outstanding leadership, service, academic achievement, and moral character. The NHS and the NJHS are organizations that recognize outstanding middle school and high school students. Participants of the National Honor Society who are actively involved in the organization can apply for college scholarships. Each year, the NHS awards more than 400 scholarships. They also have a database that can be searched on their website with a large number of other choices that are open to NHS members.

Children who take part in the programs are commended for their hard work and given the chance to grow as people by working in government service. The NHS is good for students, communities, and colleges all at the same time. By looking at a student’s memberships, colleges can tell how dedicated he or she is to both school and community work. In addition, its goal is to get kids interested in doing community service, help them become better leaders, and get them interested in school.

The National Honor Society put its participants in touch with people who can help them figure out how much money they need for college. They also have a lot of guides and papers. Lastly, the NHS gives people a lot of tools to help them do charity work in their communities. Members can look through a huge list of ways to do community work. The NHS keeps track of the hours of work, which makes them look great on resumes and applications for colleges.

❓ Why write National Honor Society Essay?

Every year, a lot of students spend a lot of time and energy writing essays for the National Junior Honor Society to be eligible for all the chances. The National Junior Honor Society selects outstanding achievers who stand out in a variety of areas, including community service, extracurricular activities, volunteer work, and scholarships.

  • It’s a great place to find many great chances that will help you in the future.
  • Your NHS involvement essay is a great place to show off your personality traits, high GPA, and courses you’ve taken.
  • If this is precisely what you want, it could also help you get that college acceptance letter from the school at the top of the list.

✍️ How to write National Honor Society Essay?

Let us think about how many applications for NHS a school adviser has to go through every year. Not every student who applies gets the honor. So, here is a question about how you can make your writing stand out. If you are sure that you have all the traits needed to join. Follow some easy tips to get ahead. In the essay, you can talk about your achievements, skills, and experiences that fit with the NHS ideals.

In the essay, you should also talk about your own goals and how entering NHS could help you reach them. Before you begin writing the essay, take some time to come up with thoughts. Think about times when you displayed leadership, knowledge, service, and character in your surroundings, at school, or in your daily life. Here are some ideas which will help you write an amazing and high-quality academic essay.

🏗️ NHS Essay Structure

To write an academic essay, you have to arrange your ideas in a way that makes sense. This is because essays usually only show one idea at a time, and they have to do so in the order that makes the most sense to the observer. A good essay format takes into account how the reader thinks. The topic determines how the writing is assembled. It tells them what they need to understand and when they need to know it. Because of this, your essay’s format needs to be made to fit your thesis statement. Here, we’ll talk about each part of a National Honor Society essay, in turn, to break it down into its parts.

  • The opening is the most important part of your entry. If you wish for readers to keep reading what you write, you need to hook them with something interesting and interesting. This paragraph gets to the point and gives the reader an important first opinion.
  • If you want to join a national honor society, you should write an essay about what makes that group special and what it has done. The scholarship essay should show why the application deserves the award.
  • Just an introductory paragraph will suffice. Make your goals crystal clear, and leave out any extraneous information that could confuse the reader.
  • The group that runs the National Honor Society wants to choose people who stand out both in school and in other things they do. Make a good first impact by emphasizing what makes you special.
  • The body of your NHS essay should focus on detailing the events that have had the most impact on developing your leadership and interpersonal abilities. Describe your academic accomplishments and areas for improvement as well as how your unique set of skills will benefit the group.
  • Bring your essay to a close with a bang by writing a memorable concluding sentence.
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🔬 Research

Writing a research paper is a skill that has been covered in thousands of books, guidelines, and instructions. It is just as important if not further so, to take the time and make the effort to do a thorough study before writing an essay. When writing an essay for the National Honor Society, we need to pay attention to the study steps.

Pick a topic

If you try to find out about the core values of the National Honor Society without having a particular subject in mind, your work will be disorganized and pointless. Being able to choose a topic and determine your audience with confidence depends on your having a firm grasp of the assignment’s requirements. The student should be sure about the topic he chooses. When you plan early, you can move early.

Do your research

If you’ve picked a good topic to write an about essay, you should be able to find a lot of information about it. It can be a good thing or a bad thing. If you can find information about your problem in many places, that’s a good sign. In addition, you have access to numerous links leading to the site.

Read the articles that have already been published in the magazine you want to write for. You will only use data obtained from books, magazines, research journals, magazines, and websites that are known to be reliable. Decide the format your essay research will take.

Create a thesis statement:

This part usually comes after your introduction. The most effective theses are concise as they avoid using more words than required. A good thesis statement should be short and to the point. Use only a sentence or two to make your message very clear. Your thesis should not be something everyone knows to be true. A strong thesis statement makes an argument that can be proven or disproved only by providing further information. Well-organized is also very important, because all of the claims in the statement of the thesis should be explained and backed up by evidence in the text.

Provide evidence:

 By stating a claim, providing evidence, and then commenting on the evidence to explain how it supports the claim. This is the most effective way to use evidence in an NHS essay. If you back up your points with examples and proof, they will have more weight. Without proof, you lose all of your weight and authority. You must use the name of the author and the reference’s titles to make it more effective.

Connect to National Honor Society:

Keep a record of items that make you feel a particular thing. This will help you figure out what your goals are. The national honor society essay’s aim must be supported by the research. It must fit with the goals of society.

The Outline

The following guidelines should be kept in mind while writing an outline of a National Honor Society essay.

  • Write a good first sentence.
  • Explain why you want to work for the NHS.
  • Talk about social activities at your school or in your area.
  • Tell us about the organization and why it excites and drives you.
  • Share your wins.

Let’s look at an structure and example of a plan for an essay.


When writing an essay for the National Honor Society, students should make sure to include all relevant information in the opening, body, and conclusion. In the first part of a National Honor Society essay, the writer talks about his or her goal. Since the goal of the essay is to convince the NHS admissions team that the candidate should be accepted, the beginning should be relevant, brief, and interesting.

In this case, students should say in a few words why they want to become part of the NHS club and what they can bring to the group. Also, they should talk about what they know about the NHS to show how interested they are in the subject and give strong points that make the reader excited to continue reading the entire piece of writing.



As a student, I have shown over the years that I have leadership, education, service, and character skills, which are the four pillars of the National Honor Society. I can now join because of this.

Body Paragraphs

In the body paragraphs of the national honor society essays, applicants have the opportunity to tell their whole story and convince the selection committee that they meet the criteria for membership in the group. The story should be brief and the material should explain why an individual is most qualified to join the NHS.

Writers can talk about past successes to show readers what benefits the person might bring to the group. Students should use an exact writing style when telling this story.

 In a nutshell, don’t exaggerate, which is the best way to write an academic essay. Writers should, however, use creativity in what they write, for instance, by describing to the audience how they might alter the course of modern society. Also, the content must be of high quality, which means that it shouldn’t have any spelling mistakes.

The example of the body paragraphs can be:

Paragraph 1

I have assumed leadership roles during my time at school in a variety of contexts. I’ve helped my classmates who were having trouble understanding certain concepts and topics by tutoring them. By helping with event planning and actively engaging in the events, I have shown leadership in the Environmental Club.

Paragraph 2

I am a rising academic star who has consistently earned outstanding scores during my time in school. I earned GPAs of 3.90 and 3.93 in my eighth and ninth grades, respectively. I know how to handle my time well and use it for important things like performing homework, helping friends, and volunteering. I ensure sure that nothing takes excess time and gets in the way of other things I need to do.

Paragraph 3

I am a service provider who thinks that helping others should be done out of a good heart and not as a way to get something in return. I have been assisting my church in setting up fund-raising campaigns to send Sunday school students to Bible study conventions. I do take part in fundraising campaigns for the American Cancer Society. I do take part in neighborhood cleanup campaigns run by charitable organizations.

Paragraph 4

In addition, I have good character when it comes to dealing with and getting along with other people in society. I treat others with kindness, fairness, respect, reliability, and responsibility. When I can, I help my classmates with their schoolwork at school to show that I care about them. I can be counted on to do what my teachers tell me to do. Even if their ideas are very different from mine. I like hearing what other people think.


Even though the opening and body sections are important for explaining why individuals desire to become part of the NHS, the final paragraph is where they can make an impression that will last. In this case, writers shouldn’t focus on giving the committee new information.

Instead, they should focus on making a good impression on the committee members, which is important if they want to join the NHS. In this case, students should say in a few words how joining the group will help them. Generally speaking, writers should restate what they said in the introduction and body paragraphs.

The goal of the writing, a call for change, professional and personal skills, leadership experience, etc., could be some of these things. The reason to get involved tells the selection panel that students should be able to become members of society and applications should be considered.

For Example conclusion can be like:

Because I am familiar with and already put into practice all four of the NHS’s pillars which are leadership, scholarship, service, and character. I think I am a good fit for the organization. I would get stronger in these pillars if I became a member of this famous society.

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👀 National Honor Society Essay Examples

An essay needs to be unique and about you. The national honor society examples of essays may help applicants find out what kind of knowledge is most important for a good essay. Let’s have a look at NHS essay examples.

NHS Essay Example #1

I have always aimed to have a positive influence on my university and community as a dedicated student, passionate volunteer, and aspiring leader. I have always regarded and revered the National Honor Society, and I am thrilled about the chance to be a part of such an exclusive group of people.

Throughout my bachelor’s degree program, I participated actively in a variety of organizations and extracurricular activities, serving as the president of the university sports society among them. In this capacity, I have organized numerous fundraising events, community projects, and volunteer opportunities for my students, inspiring them to become engaged and enhance our neighborhood.

To assist freshmen in achieving their academic and personal objectives, I have also worked as their mentor and tutor.

I have always placed a high value on academic performance and have worked hard to keep a high GPA during my time in college. I have signed up for challenging classes, such as master’s and classes for a higher-level placement, to improve my ability to think critically and my intellectual interest.

As a member of the National Honor Society, I want to stretch my mind and motivate others to do the same thing. I think that giving back to my surroundings is both an honor and a duty. I’ve volunteered at places in my neighborhood like the food pantry, the place where animals live, and the community garden. I’ve also helped raise money for many charities.

In addition, I have taken part in a peer mentorship program, which provides advice and assistance to students who are having academic or personal difficulties.

I place high importance on integrity, honesty, and respect, and I work hard to show these traits in all I do. I’ve taken part in many character-development activities, such as the school’s dispute resolution program and the Rotary Youth Leadership Awards program, which have improved my ability to communicate and solve problems.

I am confident that my dedication to these principles will make me an asset to the National Honor Society.

I’m excited about having the opportunity to join the National Honors Society because I’m an excellent student and an active part of my community.

I am sure I have shown greatness in leadership, scholarship, service, and character, and I am excited to continue honing these traits as a member of this esteemed group. I appreciate your taking a look at my application.

NHS Essay Example #2

Being an applicant for the National Honor Society is a privilege and a source of pride for me. I am quite happy that my leaders and instructors chose me above the other applicants. The reality that I was considered for this job shows that I am enthusiastic and loyal to helping other people. I think I am one of the best people to be chosen for NHS because I have good qualities that fit with the goals and aims of this prestigious organization.

I spent more time on my schoolwork than usual. By joining NHS, I’ll be able to focus on my schoolwork and grow into a leadership position that will let me be a good example for younger students. Getting into this community will also give me a chance to show others how to act.

I think it’s important to be a good model for other people, and I’ve known from the time I was a child that the best way to do this is to do it myself. When people see how dedicated and self-controlled you are, they will likely think that these are two of your most important values.

 I have always done well in the classroom and have been very active in extracurricular activities. I have always been heavily involved in extracurriculars and have guided my classmates to victory in many events. In a similar vein, I have been the captain of the school’s sports team since my freshman year.

As team captain, I’ve had the chance to get better at being a leader. Both teachers and students have told me that I am an excellent boss. Working with the faculty and fellow students, I organize events like theatre productions and field trips. As a leader, I am in a position to encourage students to work together, a strategy that has proven successful in getting many students to their desired academic outcomes.

My core value is being a humble person. Being a leader in many different clubs and events at school allows me to meet and talk to many different kids. As a firm believer in learning from others, I think it is important to keep my ego in check. One of the things that keeps me going every day is a strong sense of self-discipline.

It has assisted me to stay away from things that might get me in trouble with educational authorities or hurt my chances of doing well in school.

Many of my classmates have stayed motivated in school because they see themselves in me as a leader and role model. Thanks to my time spent in the classroom and with other upperclassmen, I have developed the expertise and confidence to function as a mentor to my younger classmates.

NHS’s primary responsibility is to form and educate students to become contributing members of society. I am confident in my abilities and my potential to become a contributing member of society. As a youngster, I believe I must help those in need, and I am willing to do what it takes to make a difference. The fact that I can assist my fellow students with their routine tasks shows that I am in a position to contribute to society.

NHS Essay Example #3

My dreams of being admitted to the honor society are getting closer to being true. As I get closer to this reality, it implies that I was a young, uneducated kid entering secondary school in the 10th grade. I never once imagined that I would be able to meet the National Honor Society’s strict requirements.

I didn’t realize how much I needed this until two years before the end of my sophomore year.

 When I eventually returned to class as a lower-level student, I came to the conclusion that nobody and nothing intended to crush my dreams of becoming a successful young woman. At that moment, I began to refer to myself as a young lady instead of a young lady.

After this conversation, I decided that I should be a part of the National Honor Society. For this to happen, I would have to get recognized awards a total of four of the following five times.

 It would have proven hard, but I learned that if I put my full attention to it, I could do anything. It possessed a lot of restless nights because people stayed up late to prepare for morning tests. I did it, and I don’t feel bad about it now. It represents one of the final problems I have to solve before I reach my goal.

I need to be in the National Honor Society because I have worked hard enough to reach this far and it would be terrible for me if I failed to make it. A further explanation of why it’s important is that I’ve never truly been considered special. My mother had three children, including myself, and she would be extremely proud of me for being the oldest of the three to be a part of this group.

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❓ Why is it not an A+ Essay?

Writing Essays is a common task at all stages of schooling, from secondary school to college. Even if you know a lot about the subject, your academic performance will be affected if you can’t explain yourself effectively in the paper.

Your research paper regarding the National Honor Society will be successful if you stay away from the mistakes, you should not make. Misprints, sneaky errors, and mistakes in grammar and style all give off a sketchy vibe.

These are your clever opponents when it comes to writing essays. They are always on the lookout for ways to stop you from getting high grades on your written tasks.

Sometimes the initial portion of the essay simply shows that the student is motivated to join the NHS. However, it offers little insight into the applicant and is devoid of that “something” the admissions panel will recall. In other words, avoid using broad generalizations to describe your goals, talents, and aspirations. Put more thought into them.

The bad truth is that even small mistakes can make you lose your train of thought. They take away your motivation to write, make you worry that you’ll lose your flow of thought, make you doubt your skills, and show you the way to more delays. If you make it too difficult, you won’t be able to finish your writing assignment.

Making a strong thesis statement is the most important part of writing a good essay for NHS. Your paper’s main idea should be represented in the title of the paper, which should be clear and not use ambiguous or unclear language.

It demands to be clear, reasonable, and show how well you understand what you wrote. Most of the time, a good thesis statement will give a new way to look at an old point.

The introduction’s sole purpose is to offer the writer’s thesis statement clearly and concisely to pique the reader’s interest. The best way to write an essay beginning is, to begin with a broad explanation of the topic at hand and end with a specific thesis statement.

Leadership, service, character, and scholarship are just a few of the many benefits of joining the National Honor Society in high school. This is likely the best essay possible, but there are other factors to think about that might make it even less strong.

Contrarily, the section of the essay addressing the writer’s faults is a little too in-depth for such a piece. It is wonderful when we acknowledge and accept that we all possess shortcomings. However, it is preferable to discuss them in a less meaningful way when introducing yourself in writing.

Writing the National Honor Society essay’s biggest problem is that it is too general. It doesn’t talk about the unique experiences and successes of the students, so it doesn’t make them stand out from the other people there. There can be a lot of pressure and anxiety on the students if there is a lot of competition among the candidates, which can be an additional topic of the essay.

🏆 Additional Tips on Writing a NHS Essay

Many students make the same mistakes when writing essays for the National Honor Society. The first is not noticing that you need a thesis statement. This one line is the main point that the remainder of the essay’s reasoning revolves around.

Writers also run into difficulty when they don’t explain their point of view. One of these issues is that it’s hard to write the paper because it doesn’t have a clear point. The simplest way to keep people involved in reading the whole essay is to make the main point stand out right away. 

Making the thesis statement the last sentence of the paper also ties together the beginning and the middle. The second common mistake is writing an essay with too much information and material, which can be too much for the reader to handle.

 So, the solution is to keep the writing specific, which means staying true to the thesis statement. Students dream of being in the National Honor Society, but to get there they have to work hard, get good grades, and be willing to try new things like clubs, sports, and community service.

The entry process for the National Honor Society is tough, and it requires an essay with strong writing to improve your chances of getting in. This article will be a summary of what you’ve learned and what you hope, dream, and plan for the future. It is a very important part of the application, and you should write it carefully, artistically, and in a methodical way.

The goal of the essay could be to give a quick overview of your academic experience up to that point or to answer a question in your way. Even though it may seem hard, the essay is an opportunity to show the group who you are and why they should take the time to think about you. This means that you have to do well on it if you want to get into the NHS, although there are ways to help you do well. 

If you want to keep writing well, you need to avoid making some common mistakes. Your thesis statement, for example, shouldn’t be too unclear or nonexistent. If you write something that isn’t clear, people might not understand what your essay is about. Without a clear purpose statement, your readers are more likely to misunderstand or miss the point of what you are writing.

Don’t copy someone else’s work at any cost, because if your application proves to have copied information, you could be disqualified right away. Take help from published authors, and if you don’t have the writing skills you need, don’t be afraid to contact top professional writers like Study Bay. But you shouldn’t only depend on them.

 Think about these ways to improve your work. One important thing to remember is to include accomplishments and interests outside of school. Don’t just make a list; use this as a chance to show who you truly are.

An excellent technique to start your paper is to use an interesting and relevant anecdote from your own life as the basis for the rest of the content. You’ve done the hard work of writing the body of the essay, elaborating on your academic strengths, and presenting your community service, and now it’s time to wrap things off with a bang that the admissions committee won’t soon forget. On the contrary, this is your opportunity to let your true personality shine through while also demonstrating your communication skills.

You must proofread if you’re hoping to convince your people that you are an excellent writer. Any student who makes even a single spelling error in an otherwise flawless essay deserves a failing grade.

 After you’ve used a spellchecker and are confident that your work is error-free, have a friend, family member, teacher, or professional editor take a look at it. Spell check may not pick up on the distinction between a crown and a throng, so you should exercise caution.

Make sure there is a natural flow to the essay and that you don’t come across as trying too hard to sell yourself. Strive for perfection while remaining authentic.

So, following the outlined steps can help you produce an essay with a clear framework and coherent discussion. You can use these to sharpen your writing skills in essays. To add a socially relevant perspective to your essay, you should read more about NHS updates and news.

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🔑 Key Ideas

Here are some important points to make in an essay:

Parts of the introduction

A quote, a short explanation of the topic, a description of the essay’s goals, an overview of the essay’s format, and an example of how the essay is expected to end are all good ways to start an essay.

Elements of a Conclusion

 A summary of the essay’s goals or questions, a summary of the essay’s main points, a final comment or statement, a statement of new goals or goals that come from the essay, and another question that the essay raises.

Topical Sentences

When writing paragraphs for the first time, it may be easiest to keep the topic sentence as the first sentence of the paragraph.

But if you get better at it, you may be able to move it further into the paragraph by, for example, using an opening sentence or a sentence that refers to the paragraph before it.   Linking words is very helpful because they show how each paragraph fits with the others. However, they are not always necessary, and in some cases, it may even feel awkward to add one.   But it’s important to keep in mind that each word, whether it comes before or after the main text, has to reinforce the thesis you just stated.

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❓ Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

It is the biggest international group of high school kids from the U.S. and other countries. Associational design is used a lot, and several parts of it can be found in secondary schools all over the country. Cooperation is a big part of the public honor society’s attitude, and this is a good sign.

Edward S. Rynearson started the National Honor Society in 1921 so that pupils attending high school in America could join together. If you want to join the top NHS, you might have to write an essay to show that you have the right skills. In the NHS essay, you might not have to be too specific. Sometimes, you’ll be asked a question and be expected to answer it.

The main goal of the National Honor Society, an organization for American high school students, is to find and honor students who have done well in school, leadership, character, and community work. Folks do many different kinds of volunteer work. There are four ways to get into NHS that are good behavior, doing service, getting a scholarship, and showing that you can be a leader.

The main purpose of a National Honor Society entry essay is to describe a candidate and explain why that person should be asked to join the group. The next thing to do is for the applicant to meet the admission standards, which involve personal characteristics or academic achievements like a high school GPA and leadership experience.