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50+ Thesis Statement Examples For Research Papers and Essays

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If you’re having trouble coming up with a strong thesis statement Examples for  Essays and Research Papers, you might be at the correct place.

In this article, we will learn how to write an effective thesis statement on this website. It is important to comprehend what a thesis statement is before we start.

What is a thesis statement?

It is a short paragraph that tells what your essay or article is about. It usually comes at the end of your opening. Your thesis will look a little different depending on what kind of essay you are writing. The thesis statement says what the paper is about, what arguments will be made, and who the paper is for. It should be in the last sentence of your introduction, which is also called your first paragraph. Use it to get people interested in your topic and get them to want to read more.

❓ Why the thesis statement is important?

Knowing what makes a strong thesis statement is one of the most important parts of writing a good research paper or argumentative essay. If you make a claim in your thesis statement, the rest of your paper will follow that claim. If you’re having trouble understanding your paper or what it’s about, it’s likely because your thesis statement isn’t strong enough.

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💡 Features of A Good Thesis Statement

Here are some things that make a good thesis statement:

  1. It must have a direction to your point of view. It’s important to remember that questions are not claims, and brief descriptions are not either. A thesis is also different from a topic or a main idea. It’s an idea or claim that can be argued against.
  2. A thesis should be different from other ones. Don’t just repeat what someone else has already said. On the other hand, this doesn’t mean that it can’t be influenced or built on the ideas of other authors.
  3. Try not to make it too broad or too vague. It needs to be narrow enough that it can be challenged; in other words, it needs to be narrow enough that you can back it up with facts.
  4. Your thesis should be open to debate. To be debatable, a thesis must be supported by evidence.
  5. The statement should be written in simple language. Make sure your thesis statement is as clear as possible and that any unfamiliar terms, like “Durkheim-Boas tradition” or “reductionism,” are explained.
  6. The scope of the claim needs to be reasonable so that it can be fully backed up within the word limit of the paper.
  7. The statements of your thesis should be short. Depending on how hard it is to explain, it can be as short as one line or as long as three.
  8. It should be clear to the reader what the thesis statement is. Most thesis statements start with something like “I will argue…” or “In this article, I will argue…” Most of the time, thesis are put at the ending sentence of the first paragraph.

What is a Thesis Statement Example?

Here are some examples to show you how they can be written and how you can add your own ideas to the one you write yourself. You can use these examples to learn how to write a good one.

  1. Businesses should offer more work-from-home options and six-hour workdays to help employees balance work and life better and be more productive at the office.
  2. A diverse group of people in an office leads to better ideas, better cooperation, more success, and more understanding between people of different skin colors or backgrounds.
  3. The best sandwiches are the ones you make at home because they are tasty, easy to make, clean, healthy, and come in different kinds.

✍️ Writing a Good Thesis Statement

Your thesis statement should answer a question about the research area you want to study. When writing a strong statement, you should think about the following:

  • Choose a topic about which reasonable people could have different opinions; choose a topic that can be handled well given the limits of the assignment.
  • Share one main idea
  • Tell what you think about a topic and what you’ve learned about it.

Remember that your it should be clear and short, and it should show what the main point of your paper is. A clear and concise thesis statement is important if you want people to read and understand your paper.

💡 Main Purpose

The goal is to give the reader an idea of what the rest of your essay will be about by making a simple and clear argument. A thesis statement is a short summary of the main point of your paper. In the short sentence, you could talk about how important the topic is and what you think about it.

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👨‍🎓 Thesis Statement Examples for Research Papers

An example depends on the subject of the essay whether it is argumentative or analytical but since then the formula for generating a strong statement would remain the same for all that it covers the subject of the essay.

One example of a thesis statement of an analytical essay about the causes and effects of global warming could be:

According to environmentalists, we are experiencing more and more instances of extreme weather, such as sudden gusts of wind, hurricanes, tornadoes, and both extremely high and low temperatures due to global warming. Global warming is caused by man-made greenhouse gases and extreme pollution with high rate of deforestation

One other example of a thesis statement for the topic of” Juvenile delinquency” can be:

Juvenile delinquency is a major social issue that threatens the safety of everyone in the community by escalating acts of violence and insecurity among youth. A wide range of factors, including peer pressure, parental influence, the surrounding environment, and stress, contribute to these issues.

Analytical Essay Thesis Statement Examples

First, you should know a lot about what you’re going to analyze before you sit down to write about it. Always keep in mind that when you analyze as a writer, you must follow the following points:

  • The process of dissecting something into its constituent pieces
  • Understanding the interdependencies of the components
  • Identifying causes, factors, and presumptions
  • Drawing conclusions and locating proof to back such broad assertions.

To construct a strong analytical thesis statement, you’ll need to do some further research and maybe look at the bigger picture. Depending on the purpose of your essay, your analytical thesis statement will take on a variety of forms. Answering “why,” “how,” “when,” and “what next” are the major goals of this type of thesis. Consider it the same as asking questions and responding to those that are posed.

1. Cause and Effect of Racism

The effect of the present problem of racism is visible in the economic and social aspects of the world. Discrimination based on a group’s social or ethnic identity is still a major contributor to the issue.

2. Benefits of Fasting

Intermittent fasting’s meteoric rise can be attributed to its many physiological and mental benefits, including its ability to aid in weight loss, boost mental clarity for performing day-to-day tasks, and reduce the risk of developing chronic diseases.

3. Robots

Proof that technology has improved in precision and durability can be seen in the creation of human-like robots. The technological development of the future is almost impossible to limit and control with our current level of imagination.

4. Social media

Younger generations are relatively unaffected by the impact social media use has on their lifestyles. The proliferation of mobile devices equipped with the necessary features to access these sites is largely attributable to technological developments in recent years.

5. Women’s Education

Women’s ability to form social relationships and achieve the basic goals of self-esteem on an equal basis with others is closely related to their educational attainment.

6. Effect of cell phones

The proliferation of fast mobile communications has made cell phones seem like an integral part of modern society while also making our daily lives easier.

7. Effect of the video game on children’s health

The effects of video games on children can be positive or negative. These changes in brain function may contribute to the onset of chronic disease, as well as the accumulation of excess body fat and heightened anxiety and sadness.

8. Phobia

Traumatic introductions to phobic stimuli have been linked to the development of certain phobias. Mental health experts aren’t sure if this initial contact is necessary, or if the fear response is just something that happens naturally in some people.

9. Is the human mind like a supercomputer?

The only thing a computer does is do what it is told to do in a set of instructions called a program. However, your brain is born with a preprogrammed set of responses that it can never override. To help you remember, your brain recreates experiences, but it doesn’t use anything comparable to computer memory.

10. Why does the environment keep getting worse?

Climate change, global mass extinction of plants and animals, human population approaching 10 billion, land degradation, air pollution, and polymers in water, pesticides, and hormone-altering chemical products are all contributing to the planet becoming increasingly unhealthy for people.

11. Why aren’t we aquatic?

The inner layer of human lungs is designed to handle air, not water, so humans cannot breathe underwater because human lungs don’t have enough surface area to get enough oxygen from water, and our inner layer is designed to handle air.

12. Importance of Art Education

Students gain insight into themselves, their communities, and the world through creative expression. Art classes help students develop new ways of perceiving the world. Through this endeavor, students’ creative thinking and ability to use their imagination will be developed.

13. Motives for theft

Motives for stealing include jealousy, low self-esteem, and social pressure. Theft may also be related to social difficulties, such as feelings of isolation or neglect and some people steal to show their individuality, as a form of rebellion against loved ones, or simply because they have no respect for themselves or others.

14. Kleptomania

People with kleptomania often live with stigma because they are afraid to seek help for their mental health. Even if kleptomania cannot be cured, it is possible to stop the cycle of compulsive stealing with medication or therapy that focuses on developing impulse-coping skills.

15. Ability to handle stress

The ability to handle stress varies from person to person. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed if you’re always trying to improve things instead of enjoying the progress you’ve made.

16. Selfie Madness

More and more people are taking selfies, which have become increasingly popular in some of the world’s most beautiful but also most dangerous places, leading to a series of actions aimed at stopping the reckless behavior that has led to so many tragic deaths.

17. Drug addiction

Drug addiction is a global epidemic, especially among young people. Many young people fall prey to narcotics and stimulants of drugs and other substances.

18. Insomnia

The body normally recovers during sleep, so people with insomnia are at risk for a range of negative health consequences. People with insomnia must make major adjustments to their lives because the disorder is associated with a variety of symptoms that make it difficult to perform everyday tasks.

19. Internet

The Internet has facilitated interactions between people in geographically diverse regions. In terms of communication, it makes the world a smaller place. It opens a world of possibilities in both professional and personal settings.

20. Cybercrime

The development of cyberspace will proceed at a breakneck pace and is inevitable. The Internet is a mass medium that reaches a large audience, so it’s hard to argue that it’s not worthy of attention.

21. Myth

Almost every culture involves some form of mythology, and it is surprising how many mythologies have been created and incorporated into modern critical discourse.

22. Effects of war

War doesn’t just destroy people’s lives in the short term, it also has long-term effects on a country’s economy. War has many unexpected negative effects on public health, social order, and infrastructure.

23. Politics in Education

The only thing keeping schools open right now is politics. Unfortunately, politics has led to the closure of many schools.

24. Plagiarism

Plagiarism in the academic field includes a wide variety of practices, some of which are directly related to the infringement of intellectual property rights.

25. Effect of Leadership

Organizational culture and morale take a hit when leaders fail to effectively guide, guide, and motivate employees. High turnover and declining productivity can be traced to a lack of leadership.

26. Intolerance in society

Many people face prejudice because of intolerance. This leads to the social isolation of those affected. People’s religious beliefs and the clothes they wear may preclude them from certain professions.

27. Effect of Pollution on Health

Long-term contact to high levels of air pollutants is linked to numerous adverse health impacts. It’s dangerous since it can lead to conditions like pneumonia, cardiovascular disease, and lung disease. Air pollution is dangerous both in the near term and over the long run. Those who are already weakened are more susceptible to its effects.

28. Dot-com bubble

The dot-com bubble had wide-ranging effects on the economy, including a recession, a rise in the propensity to invest, bankruptcies, and capital expenditures.

29. Human cause of landslides

Many human-caused landslides can be prevented or mitigated. Many times, this happens when new roads and buildings are constructed without proper slopes, drainage patterns are improperly altered, or existing landslides are triggered.

30. Politics behind poverty

The actions of governments and corporations and a flawed economic system have contributed to this dilemma that benefits the few at the expense of the many.

31. Benefits of Banana for skin

Bananas help your skin retain its natural moisture and nourish cells. As a bonus, it helps the body produce collagen, which gives the skin its elasticity. The vitamin E, vitamin C, and potassium in bananas work together to cleanse your skin.

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Compare and Contrast Essay Thesis Statement Examples

In order to understand the subject, the objective of any comparison and contrast essay is to examine and evaluate the similarities and differences between two distinct entities. A comparison and contrast essay’s thesis statement is the sentence in the introduction that tells readers what they may expect from the body of the paper. This line should also state the importance of the comparison and explain why it merits further discussion.

Some examples:

Cars and motorcycles, for instance, are both reliable and convenient modes of transportation; but, the best option for any one individual may vary based on factors including their budget, personal preferences, and the layout of their local area.

Although there are many similarities between public and private schools, including a focus on student safety and an increase in anti-bullying initiatives, the two types of institutions differ in two key ways that is private schools tend to have a uniform policy, and more incidents of bullying are reported in public schools.

32. Vaccination vs Medication

To protect against infectious microorganisms, people often get shots of a chemical compound called a vaccination. Medicine is a chemical substance used to treat sickness or illness. It is administered prior to meeting the infectious agent.

33. Spotify Offers More Than Apple Music

In most ways, Spotify is better than Apple Music; however, if you have a lot of locally stored files, or if you prefer Dolby Atmos or high-fidelity sound quality, then Apple Music is the best option for you.

34. Twitter vs Instagram         

Twitter, like Instagram, is a social networking site where users upload photos and videos and share them with others. Instagram is centered around photos and videos, but Twitter also supports text updates and polls. Instagram only supports one-level replies to chains, while Twitter allows retweets, quotes, and multi-level replies to chains.

35. Why it’s better to shop online than in a store

Compared with the advantages of traditional shopping, online shopping is undoubtedly superior in terms of convenience, saving time and money, and eliminating the need to travel.

36. Which is better: learning online or in a classroom?

Students who need to balance academics with other obligations in life will greatly benefit from the flexibility that online education offers. Today’s classrooms demand greater focus and engagement from students. In a typical classroom, teachers have more control over their charges.

37. Seasonal Jobs Vs Part-Time Jobs

Part-time workers can work year-round, based on demand, while seasonal workers are typically hired only for a limited number of hours each year.

38. Which is preferable, certified, or free trade?

In terms of production costs, free trade is by far the most efficient. Since the government does not intervene in pricing, the result will be a reduction in the cost of goods. Products and services under fair trade are more expensive due to including the cost of honest labor working under strict limits.

39. Fascism vs Nazism

Nazism is a fascist ideology that rejects liberal democracy and legislative forms of government. Its core beliefs include dictatorship, extreme anti-Semitism, hostility to communism, academic racism, and the use of eugenics.

40. What distinguishes Democrats from Republicans?

To the average person, Democrats represent progressivism, while Republicans represent conservatism. The Democratic Party is known for advocating for greater government involvement in the economy, such as passing laws and social welfare programs. Republicans, on the other hand, support a smaller government with a reduced role in economic affairs.

41. Truth Vs Facts

A fact is something that cannot be disputed because it has been proven to be true by objective means. There is a gap between theory and fact. They have been proven by careful analysis and practical application or are indisputable historical facts. On the other hand, the reality is different. It can contain facts and opinions.

42. Modern and Ancient Philosophers

The nature of reality, or ontology, was a particularly important topic in ancient philosophy. Since Descartes, modern philosophy has been preoccupied with the question of knowledge and how we acquire it.

43. What differentiates tutoring from homework help?

Tutoring goes beyond helping with homework and often includes assistance with specific assignments. Tutoring helps students who may be losing basic concepts and abilities by providing deeper and more engaging academic instruction.

44. Oral learning vs written learning

Words in spoken language need to be less complex, more casual, and more repetitive to be easy to understand and use in a conversational setting. Written language is more formal and contains a wider range of words.

45. Aikido vs Judo

As we all know, Judo is a legal sport with its own competitions and awards. Various rules prohibit certain actions during play. Aikido is not a sport, but a method of self-development and protection.

46. Things that Jupiter and Saturn have in common

Saturn, like Jupiter, is a gas giant. Unlike rocky planets such as Earth, its surface is not composed of solid materials, but gases such as hydrogen and helium. Helium and hydrogen make up the bulk of Saturn’s composition.

47. What distinguishes science from technology?

Target is where science and technology diverge most. Science embraces a goal inherent in the scientific method itself, namely the generation of new information and insights. Technology is not created for its own sake; rather, it is developed to solve pressing social problems.

48. Which is stronger: the sun or the moon?

Being closer to Earth than the sun gives the moon a greater gravitational gradient.

49. Contradiction Between Acting and Lying

The significant difference is that acting is accomplished purposely to depict a character, while lying happens in real life. The key difference is the motivation behind certain things. Those of us who enjoy watching movies understand an actor is putting on a show, pretending to be someone or something he is not.

50. How do females and males behave differently?

Girls are valued more emotionally and socially than boys. In other words, empaths tend to be more empathetic people. Additionally, women have a greater innate ability to utilize both hemispheres of the brain simultaneously, making them excellent multitaskers.

51. The transition from youth to adulthood: what are the key distinctions?

As children, we are expected to follow the guidelines set by our parents and the policies set by our educational institutions. In contrast, as adults, we have more freedom to make decisions about our lives, including where we live, what we eat, and what we do for a living.

52. Which subject is simpler, math or English?

English is more natural to you than mathematics. On the other hand, some people may find arithmetic more natural than English.

53. True friends Vs Virtual friends

Virtual friends rarely choose sides. True friends choose a camp where they feel most at home. While they may openly claim to be on your side, your real friends may be on a different side.

54. Winter Vs Summer

The hottest season is summer, and the coldest season is winter. Both the severe cold in winter and the intense heat in summer have adverse effects on the human body. Each season affects the natural world and its inhabitants in different ways. Creatures, however, can adjust whenever the seasons change.

55. Beaches and Water parks

There are so many fun things to do anywhere. They are similar in that both are enjoyable pastimes that people engage in. However, both beaches and water parks have unique features not found in other types of resorts.

56. Netflix vs Amazon Prime

While Netflix has fewer titles than Prime Video, its series and movies are much higher quality, especially those aimed at families and fans of 4K streaming. Netflix is ​​the best streaming service because it is constantly adding new content of all types and has hundreds of originals.

57. Do hurricanes pose a greater threat than tornadoes?

Tornadoes are much more powerful in terms of wind speed, but hurricanes tend to be more destructive throughout the season and over larger territories. On average, hurricanes cause ten times more economic losses per year than tornadoes.

58. Socialism vs communism

The key difference between communism and socialism is that under the former the state (rather than its citizens) owns and controls most of the economic resources whereas under the latter all citizens share equally in the financial resources distributed by the democratically elected government.

59. How can tradition and culture affect students’ academic performance?

Cultural expectations have a significant impact on high school pupils’ academic performance both in the United States and Japan.

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Argumentative Essay Thesis Statement Examples

Some major examples of thesis statements for an argumentative essay can be:

1. Do you agree improving life of homeless people can help to build a nation.

In order to better the quality of life for everyone in the community, it is imperative that the homeless have access to basic amenities like regular food donations, public toilets, and camping areas.

2. Do you agree that passive smokers are at higher risk of cancer and other health hazards as compared to active smokers?

Passive smokers are at a highly increased risk of developing cancer and cardiovascular illness that results from exposure to active smoking, therefore it is imperative that all public areas be made smoke-free.

60. Do you believe animal testing should be prohibited?

Animals should not suffer less because they are not considered “human”. Finally, there are alternatives to using animals in experiments to determine the toxicity of a product, so animal testing should stop altogether as it violates the rights of test subjects and causes unnecessary pain and suffering to the animals involved.

61. Does justice require the use of the death penalty?

This is the worst form of punishment. The execution of someone based on race or gender is unfair. It is often used against the poor, members of racial and religious minorities, and those with mental disabilities. In some countries, it is used to silence dissenting voices.

62. Should cloning humans be forbidden due to ethical considerations?

The reproductive cloning of humans is considered immoral due to the high likelihood that the procedure would result in the death of innocent people. Reproductive cloning has been criticized for potentially violating other philosophical principles, including those related to the nature of reproduction and human identity.

63. Is US debt a major issue?

The U.S. is increasingly seen as a global credit risk as national debt mount. If that happens, the United States could struggle to borrow money at a time of heightened global pressure, putting us at risk of failing to meet our obligations to our allies, especially in times of war.

64. Is capitalism the ideal form of government?

Capitalism is undeniably a major force behind the current era’s unprecedented levels of wealth creation, economic expansion, and technical advancement. As a result of competition and capital accumulation, firms have an incentive to become more efficient, benefiting both investors and consumers through increased output and a wider choice of products at lower costs.

65. Does social media unite or divide us?

Despite social media’s bad reputation for isolating us, it brings people together. Thanks to social media, people can stay connected despite physical distance or time constraints. Social media facilitates communication between people who would not otherwise see each other on a regular basis.

66. Is a gap year a chance to travel and think about life, or just a long vacation?

However, a gap year is more than just a respite. It’s not about rest or idleness of any kind. Instead, a gap year should be used for conscious self-development, cultural immersion, and expanding your worldview through travel.

67. Do you feel that equality in law enforcement works in practice?

If two people with different backgrounds, different identities, and different circumstances are considered to have equal rights and opportunities, then we say that they are equal. It is an important cog in the national legislative machinery. It’s so real that it’s mentioned in the prologue. However, in actual use, it failed miserably.

68. Should smoking be banned?

Almost every body system can be compromised as a result. Smoking is directly responsible for 87% of lung cancer deaths and is linked to many other cancers and health problems. Another leading cause of infant death during pregnancy is smoking.

69. What global effects did the American Civil War have?

The Union’s triumph against the Confederacy inspired human rights improvements in other nations and contributed to the abolition of slavery in the United States.

70. Which is preferable, reading fiction or nonfiction?

The benefits of reading fiction can be far greater than reading non-fiction. For example, reading fiction has been linked to improved social intelligence and a deeper understanding of other people’s motivations.

71. Is socialism the most effective economic system?

Because the government is responsible for nearly every aspect of society, it can use the time, energy, and resources of its citizens more efficiently; under socialism, income inequality decreases not only between regions but across all social classes.

72. Should kids learn online or in school?

Developing important skills like problem-solving and critical thinking are added benefits of online education for teens. In fact, research shows that kids who complete high school entirely online do better academically than kids who attend school in a more traditional campus setting.

73. Is there any truth to the rumor that hot dogs are unhealthy?

The average hot dog has as much as 80 percent of its calories from fat, most of which are unhealthy saturated varieties. Hot dogs and other processed meats are linked to an increased risk of colon cancer and cardiovascular disease.

74. Is it a good idea to hold beauty pageants?

It has been established that entering a beauty pageant can damage a person’s sense of self-worth. The competition for the title of “most beautiful” often emphasizes superficial qualities rather than deeper essences. They brought in a new generation of kids who would grow up to be body shamers.

75. Is it bad to play violent video games?

Several studies have shown that playing violent video games can lead to increased aggression, making impulsive decisions, and heightened levels of physical arousal.

76. Do kids learn from homework?

Homework isn’t just a chore. It teaches children responsibility and improves their ability to manage time effectively. Students who were responsible for meeting homework deadlines showed higher critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

77. Are relationships harmed by social media?

50% even say social media has hurt their relationships. Whispering, jealousy, and even micro-cheating are just a few of the new ways social media can strain or even destroy relationships.

78. Should companies have to hire diversely?

Diversity hiring is critical to any modern recruiting strategy and serves much more than making your company look progressive. Diverse hiring practices are increasingly recognized as a competitive advantage in today’s business world.

79. Can women expect the same rights as males in this society?

Women’s labor is undervalued in our society because it is widely believed that women’s labor takes less time and energy than men’s.

80. Should the minimum wage be raised?

Economic growth increased corporate profits and helping workers weather the storm are all possible thanks to increases in the federal minimum wage. Even small increases can have a major impact on productivity as well as employee retention and turnover. Increased consumer demand is another way this helps the overall economy.

81. Is global warming a real danger?

Human-caused climate change is the biggest danger to the planet’s ecosystems and societies, but it primarily affects the world’s poorest nations.

82. Is it true that wind farms are good for the ecosystem and the economy?

Wind energy has the potential to reduce carbon emissions by offsetting the use of other energy sources, such as fossil fuel power plants, to generate electricity. The initial investment in a wind turbine can be paid back quickly, as can the energy expended during production and installation.

83. Do you think it’s important to major in everything?

The major you choose at university can have a big impact on your job prospects and how quickly you can progress in your chosen field.

84. The reasons why space travel is always a good idea

The study of the universe offers us a valuable shift in perspective. It has greatly helped us understand our planet by expanding our view to the cosmos. Compared to other planets in our solar system and beyond, Earth is a precious haven for life.

85. Should everyone be entitled to free health care?

One’s right to health care necessitates that he or she not be subjected to undue financial hardship when seeking treatment. No one should get sick and die because of financial circumstances or lack of access to necessary medical care.

86. Is it okay to have dessert before dinner?

Dessert is best eaten after a meal. If you save dessert at the end of a healthy meal, the nutrients in the rest of the meal can help keep your blood sugar stable while you enjoy the sweet treat. From a purely psychological point of view, eating after meals is also desirable.

87. Junk food is bad for the health

Most people would probably agree that junk food is unhealthy. Whether the government should limit the amount of soda sold in fast-food restaurants is debatable because of the health risks associated with consuming junk food. An individual of a reasonable level of intelligence may take a positive or negative view of a statement.

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Easy Formula to Generate A Thesis Statement

Formulate a working thesis statement with the aid of a formula (you will revise this later). You can write easily Thesis Statement Examples for Research Papers and Essays after Appling this Formula.

1. Although the majority of readers of _______ have contended that ________, a closer look reveals that.

2. ___ employs ___ and ___ to demonstrate that .

3. The phenomenon x is the outcome of the interaction between ____, ____, and ____.


>> Having a clear thesis statement can help you focus your paper and keep it to a manageable length. Its secondary purpose is to prepare the reader for the paper’s main discussion. Each paragraph in your essay should either elaborate on your argument or provide evidence to refute it.

>> Proof is necessary for a powerful thesis statement; it is not just a statement of truth. If you want your audience to keep reading your work, you need to back up your thesis statement with proof.

>> As a general rule, it’s a good idea to mention your supporting points in your thesis. As an example, you could say that The Prelude is an excellent novel to include on a college reading list since it introduces his style and gives topics that can be readily applied to his subsequent works. A paragraph or two apiece on your supporting ideas would be appropriate in the paper’s main body. Creating a thesis statement in this way can help you keep your thoughts organized.

>> Get well-versed in the material. The subject matter should be within your area of expertise or within your scope of potential study. It is challenging to compose a thesis statement, much less an entire paper, on a topic about which you know little to nothing. Knowing more about a topic can be accomplished through introspection and/or study.

>> Narrow down your focus. You should narrow your topic based on the information you have available and the length requirements of your final article. Typically, a lengthier document is needed to prove a broad scope, but a shorter paper will do the trick when proving a narrow scope.

> Take out a piece of paper and scribble down anything you can think of related to your topic if you’re struggling to come up with a thesis or introduction. Have you made any surprising discoveries? Is there anything on your list that you can classify? Do any recurring ideas stand out to you? You should consider how the points brought up here can inform your thesis statement and the direction of your article.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

A thesis refers to an argument put forth and offered to be defended by one party (such as a candidate for academic honors) over another. When writing at the university level, the thesis is a crucial part of any piece of expository writing. In a single, succinct sentence, your thesis statement should sum up your whole paper’s worth of research, thinking, and analysis.

There are two primary reasons why a thesis statement is necessary in any kind of academic writing assignment: It helps you narrow the scope of your writing and concentrate on its main points. A conclusion provides an overview of your argument for the reader.

The following are characteristics of a well-written thesis statement:

  1. Express a single, overarching thought.
  2. Investigate a topic on which reasonable persons can hold divergent opinions.
  3. Put Forward Your Opinions On The Subject.
  4. Focus on a topic that can be covered thoroughly given the constraints of the task at hand.

A thesis statement might be more than one phrase long; its length is determined by the complexity of the paper. More than one phrase may be necessary in some compositions. Final essay drafts, however, should have a thesis statement that is crystal straightforward and easy to understand.

A thesis statement typically consists of a single sentence, although you may use two or three sentences if you feel that is more appropriate. But remember your paper’s thesis statement should quickly explain the paper’s objective and its significance. The thesis statement serves as a guide for the rest of your paper and is typically located at the end of an introduction.

Here are a few things that must be avoided while writing a thesis statement:

  • Too General a Statement
  • A statement that does not effectively portray the contents of the document.
  • A statement that describes a fact as opposed to an argument.
  • A declaration of personal opinion with phrases such as “In my view” or “I believe”
  • Statement with improper formatting
  • Explanation overstated in the statement
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